Meaning of fiction writer in English:

fiction writer


  • A person who writes fiction, especially novels and short stories.

    ‘the short story is a fiction writer's greatest challenge’
    • ‘Ultimately, I think she'll be placed in the pantheon of America's greatest fiction writers.’
    • ‘The person to whom she listened first, and most closely, was her mother, herself a fiction writer.’
    • ‘His change of identity from a fiction writer to a sports writer is an exercise in the freedom of what is called the American dream.’
    • ‘Who do you like in terms of political fiction writers?’
    • ‘Of course I'm by no means the only fiction writer to study the history of art though a female lens.’
    • ‘In India many well-known fiction writers have raised grave objections of distortion when their works have been made into films.’
    • ‘The examples of major fiction writers who could even imagine entire works contained within a single paragraph come down to just Borges and Kafka.’
    • ‘A fiction writer and a poet, she is the 2002 recipient of the Alan Ginsberg Award.’
    • ‘These theoretical exercises can offer new fiction writers confidence that they can revise their initial narrative choices.’
    • ‘The creative nonfiction writer is permitted to take advantage of all of the literary techniques available to fiction writers and poets.’