Meaning of fid in English:


Pronunciation /fɪd/


  • 1A square wooden or iron bar which takes the weight of a topmast stepped to a lower mast by being passed through holes in both masts.

    ‘The fid, therefore, must be withdrawn every time the top-mast is lowered.’
    • ‘The topmast is held in place by a fid, or pin passing through the masthead and topmast.’
  • 2A conical pin or spike used in splicing rope.

    ‘A tapered wooden spike called a 'fid' is the traditional splicing tool commonly used for splicing natural fiber twisted rope.’
    • ‘The fid is hollow so that a strand can be led into it and fed through the rope.’
    prong, barb, point, skewer, stake, spit, projection


Early 17th century of unknown origin.