Meaning of field drain in English:

field drain


  • An underground pipe for draining fields.

    ‘the volume of water is forcing old stone field drains to the limit’
    • ‘Another important product, which played its part in the modernization of agriculture during the 18th and 19th cents., was the field drain.’
    • ‘But they had put in a couple hundred field drains attached to that ditch, and each was plugged.’
    • ‘In the past, domestic effluent treatment and disposal in rural areas has been limited to using septic tanks or discharging to a watercourse or into field drains.’
    • ‘He confirmed that the field had been spread with about 25,000 gallons of slurry, but said the company was unaware of the existence of the field drain.’
    • ‘The plant was fed to cattle, used to roof outhouses, line field drains, keep the haystack off the ground, make tools and dye Easter eggs.’
    • ‘Water from this excavation would be collected in local sumps and pumped to existing field drains to the west of the excavated area.’
    • ‘Breaking the field drains could turn a damp piece of set-aside into an attractive wetland - provided there is no risk of waterlogging a nearby crop.’
    • ‘Manure from the feedlot can wash directly into the lake if spread near field drains or the lakeshore.’
    • ‘The UK's waterways are fed by man-made ditches and field drains that reduce the land's natural ability to hold water.’
    • ‘There, in the bank, misshapen clay field drains from the 19th century still function.’