Meaning of field hospital in English:

field hospital

Pronunciation /ˈfiːld ˌhɒspɪtl/

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  • A temporary hospital set up to provide emergency medical care for people wounded in military action or affected by a natural disaster or outbreak of infectious disease.

    ‘There are three types of deployable Army hospitals under the Army's Medical Force 2000 reorganization: combat support hospitals, field hospitals and general hospitals.’
    • ‘By the time patients reach Germany, they have received care at one or two field hospitals and are medically stable, Fourroux said.’
    • ‘The ability to communicate clearly and quickly from combat medics to a field hospital is essential to keeping wounded soldiers alive.’
    • ‘In the Demblin area, battle field hospitals were separated from enemy forces only by the Vistula.’
    • ‘The thousands of aid workers in the region need emergency field hospitals, doctors and health workers as well as catering and other support services.’
    • ‘I transferred four injured people from the Jordanian field hospital [near Fallujah] to a hospital in Baghdad.’
    • ‘The British copied the system, using a system of field hospitals, ‘stationary’ hospitals, and general hospitals in the Second Boer War.’
    • ‘Florence Nightingale is best remembered for her work as a nurse during the Crimean War of 1854-6 and her contribution towards the reform of the sanitary conditions in military field hospitals.’
    • ‘Here, told for the first time in the nurses' own words, is the riveting story of what actually happened on the battlefields, aid stations and field hospitals.’
    • ‘The field hospital operates similarly to a traditional hospital, but the staff has had to adapt to deal with the in-field conditions and combat injuries.’
    • ‘In both wars, railroads moved casualties away from field hospitals to hospitals in the rear where they could receive better care.’
    • ‘Her years as an R.N. in military field hospitals were perfect training for dealing with this sort of emergency, and he had always valued her efficiency and knowledge.’
    • ‘But, yes, we have the equipment, emergency equipment, and we have the equipment to do emergency surgery in a field hospital.’
    • ‘He said the theatre hospital was a first-rate field hospital with a broad range of surgical specialties represented.’
    • ‘Once the child was brought to Kabul, Canadian doctors went to work, taking him first to a German field hospital at the NATO brigade headquarters.’
    • ‘The rest are being cared for by the remaining medical staff at the field hospital, at Bagram airfield in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘The flight to the American field hospital at Camp Salerno, a US base within artillery range of the Pakistan border, takes 20 minutes.’
    • ‘That total included personnel for field hospitals, bakeries, mechanical workshops, and other support units, all with a three-month supply of food and fuel.’
    • ‘When out of range of the insurgents, Church carried Brown to safety where he could be treated and taken to a field hospital.’
    • ‘When assigned to a field hospital, Bellamy says her work is not too far removed from her civilian job.’