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field mouse

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(also long-tailed field mouse)
another term for wood mouse
‘Rodents, voles, field mice, and meadow mice feed readily on young vines, and can cause severe damage and kill vines, especially in young plantings which provide a favourable habitat.’
  • ‘Mr Satinet also explained how the traps worked and gave the children lots of information about small mammals including shrews, water voles and field mice.’
  • ‘Animals co-habiting in the woods include field mice, grey squirrels, hedgehogs and three roe deer.’
  • ‘There, in addition to star-nosed moles, he inevitably encounters shrews, voles, weasels, field mice, and the occasional snapping turtle.’
  • ‘Investigators are coming closer to answering this question by studying voles, small rodents commonly known as field mice.’
  • ‘No it ain't a common barn owl - it's a great horned owl, which can grow to massive proportions depending upon the local supply of rats, field mice and rabbits.’
  • ‘I've tried to tell them that the mouse I found was a field mouse.’
  • ‘The cast is small, with most of the running time spent on the four leads, with some moments devoted to the field mice, weasels and other minor characters.’
  • ‘Other survival courses teach you how to identify 73 edible plants and snare a field mouse or a moose, but get real!’
  • ‘I suspect it was a field mouse lost on an urban mission, rather than some rodent-like creature intent on taking over.’
  • ‘If your bin is full and you put it outside it attracts cats and dogs and possibly even field mice.’
  • ‘Aphids, whiteflies, hornworms, and even field mice are more visible and more easily controlled when you don't have to battle them in a tangle of ground-hugging vines.’
  • ‘Far along in the distance one could see the cows frolicking in the fields, the birds soaring past the trees, and the cats taunting the field mice.’
  • ‘He is like Darwin deducing why there is more red clover where old maids live: they keep cats that catch the field mice that eat the clover.’
  • ‘The unborn are just as aware and have just as much of a right to life as do the field mice that get swept up in harvesting combines.’
  • ‘If you are concerned about field mice being hurt when corn is harvested, then don't eat meat.’
  • ‘Cats like to play with the field mouse, or bird, or uh rabbit they've cornered and crippled, ever notice that?’
  • ‘Concerns also surfaced that feral colonies could develop that would feed on, and eventually wipe out, whole populations of field mice, rabbits, birds, and snakes, thus altering the ecosystem.’
  • ‘Flame crashed into tree trunks, burning moss and driving away moles and field mice.’
  • ‘A field mouse wasn't much of a dinner, but it would do for the day.’