Meaning of field notes in English:

field notes

plural noun

  • Notes made by a person who is engaged in fieldwork.

    • ‘His scientific training and passion for the work culminated in the highly detailed, yet sometimes cryptic and paranoiac, archive of field notes from which this book has been made.’
    • ‘The computer takes over the physical task of writing marginal codes, making photocopies of transcripts or field notes, cutting out all chunks of text relating to a code, and pasting them together.’
    • ‘These include personal diaries that Malinowski kept off and on from an early age, extensive correspondence between family and friends and of course his field notes and drafts of books and articles.’
    • ‘The reflective journal was regularly reviewed along with the related transcripts, field notes, and documents during the data analysis process.’
    • ‘This is often accomplished with data excerpts from field notes, interview transcripts, or other supporting documents.’
    • ‘A researcher also may ensure credibility by repeatedly observing or interviewing the same person or reading field notes or interview transcripts more than once.’
    • ‘To ensure learning has taken place, students must reflect on their experiences, often in the form of journal entries, field notes and essays.’
    • ‘Additionally, I used field notes to identify questions that required clarification later in the interview.’
    • ‘For each ethnography, I cross referenced individual transcripts, observation material, and field notes to identify consensus and divergences within a family unit.’
    • ‘But it was illuminating to me to read critical essays which include the journals, field notes, and private correspondence of ethnographers through history.’
    • ‘By the time I finished my BA in anthropology I was convinced that anthropologists create a peculiar type of cultural knowledge because they do not give people access to their field notes.’
    • ‘Ultimately, our emotions and reactions, recorded in our field notes, led us (we hope) to a fuller understanding of the subjective reality for these women and their keepers.’
    • ‘While searching, the investigators used a modified ‘think aloud’ method to write field notes that documented the obstacles they encountered.’
    • ‘Furthermore, field notes were recorded daily throughout the summer to gain an understanding of the culture and identify emerging themes.’
    • ‘The themes that emerged from the analysis of the initial four transcripts were examined against field notes taken in the other 12 groups to confirm the findings reported here.’
    • ‘At both sites transcripts and field notes were checked and coded by two experienced researchers.’
    • ‘Pollinator behaviour at the flowers was recorded through field notes and photographs.’
    • ‘The field notes, videotaped transcriptions, and journal entries were analyzed together for cross-reference purposes or triangulation.’
    • ‘The researcher doing the interviews also took field notes to document participants' responses.’
    • ‘He combines accurate field notes (he's a gifted ornithologist), a harsh compassion and formal mastery.’