Meaning of field of vision in English:

field of vision

Pronunciation /ˌfiːld əv ˈvɪʒn/


  • The entire area that a person or animal is able to see when their eyes are fixed in one position.

    ‘Another sign may be loss of part of your field of vision or side vision.’
    • ‘The IMAX screen filled my entire field of vision and my eyes were tearing up while I was taking in every wave of attack.’
    • ‘He began to feel irrationally nervous as yellow shapes and black lines spread to fill his entire field of vision.’
    • ‘Evolution has generally provided animals with a wide field of vision to warn them of danger from all sides.’
    • ‘This slowly moving panorama continues across my field of vision.’
    • ‘Being able to focus on the target instead of the handgun's sights enhances your field of vision.’
    • ‘The shorter the focal length of the lens, the wider the field of vision.’
    • ‘Black spots were starting to appear in the edges of his field of vision.’
    • ‘You can set a screen as close as desired, as long as the screener is in the normal field of vision of the player being screened.’
    • ‘One young, wheelchair-bound boy whizzed past my field of vision with a pretty blonde on his lap.’
    • ‘You're driving down the highway with traffic flowing smoothly when tail lights begin to light up your field of vision.’
    • ‘As the disease progresses, the field of vision gradually narrows and blindness can result.’
    • ‘As I returned to the present moment, and Steve swam back into my field of vision, it occurred to me I must have forgotten to reset the alarm.’
    • ‘It was blue and gradually filled my whole field of vision.’
    • ‘Echelon is an aircraft simulator, and thus the player needs a considerable field of vision.’
    • ‘Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture do not seem to swim into his field of vision.’
    • ‘Another symptom is the appearance of a curtain over the field of vision.’
    • ‘Shrubs lower than one metre are recommended, or taller trees with no foliage below two metres, so there is a clear field of vision.’
    • ‘Daunting in scale and hung low on the wall, these paintings can engulf our field of vision.’
    • ‘A torch has a great effect on your field of vision and how you perceive your surroundings.’
    eyesight, sight, power of sight, faculty of sight, ability to see, power of seeing, powers of observation, observation, perception, visual perception