Meaning of field pea in English:

field pea


  • A pea plant of a variety grown chiefly for stockfeed or as green manure.

    ‘Spread compost or manure on unplanted areas or sow fall-sown cover crops, such as clover, Austrian field peas, fava beans, vetch and winter wheat.’
    • ‘If your exposure to southern peas (also called field peas or cowpeas) has been limited to the commercial canned, frozen, or dried variety, a much better flavor experience awaits you.’
    • ‘Your field peas are apparently a variety with mildew resistance.’
    • ‘I also plant cover crops such as Austrian field peas or crimson clover when the garden beds are not occupied with vegetables.’
    • ‘Staples, such as cabbages, potatoes, turnips, and field peas, were usually grown in the fields.’
    • ‘We're advocating farmers to plant field peas in addition to the common crops they are using, to add the peas as part of a smart rotation.’
    • ‘Dryland corn is gaining popularity here because of the favorable conditions the past few years and there has been considerable interest in growing field peas for food or forage.’
    • ‘He has also experimented with growing field peas and canola together to see if the canola would prevent lodging of the pea crop.’
    • ‘Sometimes winter small grains go in after the soybeans, and sometimes field peas or barley/pea/oats replace the spring small grain.’
    • ‘Mixtures of summer-annual grasses and legumes, such as field peas and soybeans, are being marketed by some seed dealers.’
    • ‘Through good research and development, the destructive black spot on lupins has been eliminated, and it is hoped that field peas might also benefit.’
    • ‘There's the gene from green beans added to field peas which gives the peas a built-in insecticide that's almost 100% effective against its arch enemy the pea weevil.’
    • ‘Pea weevil infests up to 30 percent of the national field pea crop, resulting in export rejection and diminished quality of one of Australia's highest yielding pulses.’
    • ‘For a spring cover crop to be tilled under in early summer, hand broadcast clover or Austrian field pea seed, and lightly rake it into the soil.’
    • ‘Flock health has improved since he switched to a different feed supplier offering a more complex feed ration, including field peas as well as corn and small grains.’
    • ‘A computer simulation model mapping the spread of blackspot spores could revolutionise management of the disease in field peas.’
    • ‘Many of the dairy farmers we know would love to put field peas in their rations, cows seem to really milk on peas, but there is very little supply in the East.’
    • ‘A gene for the amylase inhibitor 1 has been transferred from the common bean to the field pea to limit damage by the pea weevil.’
    • ‘The field pea has a large genome, which is relatively stable in size between species.’
    • ‘Burned shells of the field pea were mixed with cornmeal to make blue dumplings.’