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field sports


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plural noun

  • Outdoor sports, especially hunting, shooting, and fishing.

    ‘He is a passionate and eloquent defender of field sports and his argument that hare coursing and bullfighting are both in the general interest of the species is persuasive.’
    • ‘Recommended activities include walking and jogging, weight training, aerobics, stair climbing, field sports, racquet sports, court sports and dancing.’
    • ‘Mr Knox was devoted all his life to hunting and field sports, and his old horse, which he rode at last hunt not very long since, followed his coffin to the grave.’
    • ‘Hunters argue that hunting and other field sports conserve the countryside and contribute to it remaining the way we expect it to be.’
    • ‘Without this many people would never have the opportunity to try field sports or other activities.’
    • ‘The descendants of Stubbs's patrons, and those who share their enthusiasm for bloodstock and field sports, have become objects of widespread derision outside their own cultures and communities.’
    • ‘It is said that the local tribesman used to organise field sports while not engaged in agricultural pursuit.’
    • ‘Whether you like field sports such as shooting and stalking or to get out on the river with your fishing rod, this place offers a slice of heaven.’
    • ‘It is hardly surprising that a county with such a strong tradition of field sports should display a hillside representation of a white horse, Robert writes.’
    • ‘Whereas her sister pursued the royal family's traditional interests in field sports and was happiest wearing tweeds on the hill, Margaret preferred a different kind of style and night clubs soon became a familiar hunting ground.’
    • ‘There is hunting in France, Ireland and the United States; there are Animal Rights Movements in those countries also; but in none of them is there any serious political challenge to field sports.’
    • ‘Not so long ago, there would have been nothing remarkable about a wealthy Englishman - Clapton is worth an estimated £120 million - indulging a love of field sports.’
    • ‘He supports the Conservatives on field sports - Penny is a member of the local hunt - and he thought the peremptory way Margaret Jay dismissed the hereditary peers contemptible.’
    • ‘The IFA proposal to launch a new countryside membership for nonfarmers living in the countryside or involved in field sports met with a mixed reception at the AGM.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire field sports enthusiasts are set to take dozens of working dogs to Westminster tomorrow to protest against an outright ban on hunting.’
    • ‘If field sports are curtailed to the point of abolition and if the slow retreat from farming turns into a rout - both are possible - then it remains to be seen what will be done.’
    • ‘Fishermen have kept records of catches over the years and many naturalists and field sports people recorded sightings of mammals like the otter.’
    • ‘Our sport is rife with that same insidious elitism that has decayed the core of other field sports, which now face the very real prospect of being outlawed.’
    • ‘For most commentators who referred to hunting and hawking in their written work, field sports were thoroughly moral occupations.’
    • ‘Yet, he argues, almost the only genuinely self-sustaining activities in many Highland areas are field sports.’