Meaning of fiendishness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfiːndɪʃnəs/


See fiendish

‘The collected fiendishness of Frankenstein, Dracula, Freddy, Chucky, the Mummy, Norman Bates's mommy, and Rosemary's baby cannot hold a candle to the terror wrought by an insecure actor, a monomaniacal director, or a stalking camera.’
  • ‘According to one newspaper, ‘the fiendishness and brutality of his acts were such that the postal laws will not permit us to print them.’’
  • ‘He wants to show us that the entire world is made up of hidden facets of fiendishness, be it in the rather routine gore of a food factory or, with Eyes, the secret experiments of a deranged doctor.’
  • ‘If there is ever a personification of stone-faced fiendishness, it's Lance.’
  • ‘But spam filters have become an unexpected and pitiless foe - complicating the battle by their fiendishness.’