Significado de fiercely en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈfɪəsli/

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  • 1In a savagely violent or aggressive manner.

    ‘the army clashed fiercely with militants’
    • ‘The commanders fight fiercely and win the day against the traitorous forces.’
    • ‘The Romans dithered and competed for the honor of victory, while the people of Carthage fought fiercely, knowing their fate.’
    • ‘She continued to twist and fight fiercely against her bonds, but they grew even tighter.’
    • ‘He had been kicked and punched fiercely but hadn't fought back, hadn't even tried.’
    • ‘The hunter leaped up in the air, fiercely kicked at her head, and tackled her before she could even drop to the floor.’
    • ‘With Zeus turned away from the battle, Poseidon inspires Ajax and Idomeneus to fight more fiercely.’
    • ‘They drew brightly decorated swords from the sheaths, and fiercely struck the Assyrian warriors, those intent on aggression.’
    • ‘All our citizens, especially young people, will fiercely oppose anyone who tries to attack.’
    • ‘As if they were in grade school again, they rolled over one another, fiercely hitting whenever and wherever they could.’
    • ‘They reached the ravine and fiercely laid siege to the strong defenses made there in the last attempt to stop them.’
    1. 1.1In a powerful and destructive manner.
      ‘the wind was blowing fiercely’
      • ‘the fire was already burning fiercely’
      • ‘Enemy planes make attacks on port, scoring a direct hit on a supply ship that blazes fiercely till next morning, when it is sunk by a British salvo.’
      • ‘He has a couple of ex-con punks working for him in all kinds of criminal activity, and it is they who spark the flames that burn so fiercely.’
      • ‘There were all sorts of problems that came from people having rather weak identities that were being fiercely buffeted by their social circumstances.’
      • ‘When the sun beat down too fiercely, she would take me to the funerary temple of the great Queen Hatshepsut.’
      • ‘A fiercely bright light awoke me form my coma.’
      • ‘The rain beat against the frosted window while the wind howled fiercely.’
      • ‘And we kept looking out and noticing that the waves were getting bigger and the wind was blowing more fiercely.’
      • ‘The recycling bins for paper and cardboard burned easily and fiercely.’
      • ‘The tale informs us that the sun, one day, burned so fiercely as to cause great distress.’
      • ‘The heartless wife suggested that she should make her husband's bath so fiercely hot that he would not survive after entering it.’
    2. 1.2With a heartfelt and powerful intensity.
      ‘campaigners have fiercely opposed the proposals’
      • ‘they are fiercely independent’
      • ‘He is fiercely protective of his home, a haven amidst the chaos.’
      • ‘The dominant ideology remained fiercely scientific, the battle against the bugs being the front line.’
      • ‘He is a farmer, fiercely loyal to the land that provides his livelihood.’
      • ‘An exciting and charismatic figure, Harry chooses his friends carefully and is fiercely loyal to the end.’
      • ‘The film's use of music is as fiercely original as its camerawork.’
      • ‘But the more they deny their passion, the more fiercely it burns.’
      • ‘"Universities are competing more fiercely for students, especially for those who'll live on campus," he says.’
      • ‘While their fiercely offbeat sounds may initially dissuade, a bit of perseverance can reap immense rewards.’
      • ‘The still center of the action is Andromache, grieving for the dead Hector and fiercely protective of her young son.’
      • ‘My objection to his reading is that it is too fiercely moralistic and diminishes Shakespeare's spirit of intellectual inquiry.’