Meaning of fifth-rate in English:



  • Of the poorest possible quality.

    ‘a fifth-rate TV journalist shooting a documentary’
    • ‘The most absurd thing of all is how much thought you devoted to this haphazard, fifth-rate hunk of junk.’
    • ‘First-class dancers were on show last week in a fifth-rate setting.’
    • ‘They preferred the fifth-rate schools they knew to a vague promise of something better.’
    • ‘Minor poets and fifth-rate novelists abound and cannot be publicly recalled.’
    • ‘The author described the cast as "tatty and fifth rate".’
    • ‘The first-rate facilities contrast with the fifth-rate behaviour of spectators.’
    • ‘They filled the airwaves with a bunch of fifth-rate so-called comics who were about as funny as a dose of bird flu.’
    • ‘He made a reference to the unscrupulous greedy people in business who stole from future generations by providing shoddy, fifth-rate facilities and lining their own pockets very handsomely.’
    • ‘A fifth-rate rock band swirled around in the background of the film.’
    • ‘"Essentially, it was a fifth-rate prison," he said.’