Meaning of fiftieth in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪftɪɪθ/

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ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number fifty in a sequence; 50th.

    ‘they celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary’
    • ‘his fiftieth birthday’
    • ‘The 2001–2002 academic year marked the fiftieth anniversary of Juilliard's dance division.’
    • ‘This begins the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the original release of Casablanca.’
    • ‘Around the fiftieth day, they meet in a museum filled with timeless animals.’
    • ‘The latitudes of those parts extend from the fiftieth parallel to almost 60 degrees North.’
    • ‘There is no pretense, no artifice, no meaning, other than what you carry out after you've wiped the fiftieth tear of laughter out of your eye.’
    • ‘Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, so expect lots of celebrations and tributes to Her Majesty this week.’
    • ‘A delightful surprise is Waiting in the Wings, Coward's fiftieth play, an undeserved flop in 1960 and a greatly deserving revival now.’
    • ‘The second goal came in the fiftieth minute.’
    • ‘This past September, he completed his fiftieth year at an electric motor factory.’
    • ‘The changed the news feed a few weeks ago (for what feels like the fiftieth time this year), drastically altering the user experience.’
  • 2Each of fifty equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    ‘a fiftieth of a second’
    • ‘The minimum monthly payments are around the two-percent mark—only a fiftieth of the outstanding debt.’
    • ‘The technique promises to cost about a fiftieth of the price of current plasma screens and yet deliver a similar quality picture.’
    • ‘You consume a fiftieth of the oxygen consumed by a motor vehicle, and expel no pollutants.’
    • ‘The actual amount of power in the laser beam is only about a fiftieth of that in your refrigerator light.’
    • ‘The moving object is in motion during exposure, no matter whether the time be a fiftieth or a millionth part of a second.’
    • ‘The area enclosed by that horizon would be less than a fiftieth that of the Moon's visible hemisphere.’
    • ‘Details as small as a fiftieth of an inch can be seen.’
    • ‘The prison is paid $90 per day per prisoner for the work done, and they pay out less than a tenth (and sometimes as little as a fiftieth) of that.’
    • ‘They offer four times the equivalent wage of a farm laborer to make shoes, which is perhaps a fiftieth of the equivalent wage for a shoemaker in New York.’
    • ‘I bequeath three-fiftieths thereof to my niece Louisa, daughter of my brother Amos.’