Meaning of figgy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪɡi/

adjectiveadjective figgier, adjective figgiest

  • Made with or having the taste or smell of figs.

    ‘pork served with figgy jam’
    • ‘a sweet, figgy fragrance’
    • ‘Consider this rich, figgy cake when you think about moving beyond mere brunching and step up to indulging.’
    • ‘I watched five more birds fly into the tree and make themselves at home with a figgy snack.’
    • ‘My version was loads better, with more of the figgy filling and tastier pastry.’
    • ‘Our figgy fruitcake recipe is a keeper for those warmer months when fruitcake isn't readily available.’
    • ‘You can also make a figgier variation of this dish by pureeing mint with heavy cream in a mortar and pestle and drizzling that over quartered figs and slivered prosciutto.’
    • ‘The '94 sauvignon blanc is extremely ripe, in a figgier, fuller, more opulent style than the '93 vintage.’
    • ‘The lad used to eat the figgiest bit of his own pudding and then force the rest on to a smaller boy's plate.’
    • ‘The body lotion smells figgier than the body cream.’
    • ‘We are turning the resulting bounty into a variety of figgy treats: dried figs, fig jam, fresh fig wine, and whole preserved figs.’
    • ‘The tawny port is browner, nuttier, more figgy and complex.’