Meaning of fight or flight in English:

fight or flight


  • The instinctive physiological response to a threatening situation, which readies one either to resist forcibly or to run away.

    ‘I'm sure you've heard of fight or flight in a stressful situation.’
    • ‘Humans, like all animals, have an inborn stress alarm system that initiates a fight or flight response to stressful situations.’
    • ‘It's true, when you feel that your life might be in danger your natural instinct is fight or flight.’
    • ‘In that situation, an animal has two choices - fight or flight.’
    • ‘This is when those who haven't punched a ticket feel fight or flight in their bellies.’
    • ‘I turned at looked her in right in the face, and I could now feel the ancient fight or flight instinct kicking in as the adrenaline began coursing through my body.’
    • ‘This is known as the classic fight or flight response.’
    • ‘One of the mechanisms that helps us heal is a fight or flight response.’
    • ‘As if we were cornered chipmunks, our racing thoughts and sped-up energy prepare us for either of the classic survival options: fight or flight.’
    • ‘if you are getting to the point of fight or flight, you have probably already lost’