Meaning of fighting cock in English:

fighting cock

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  • A cock bred and trained for cockfighting.

    ‘owners of fighting cocks sometimes wager $35 on a match’
    • ‘The group's sole purpose is to support the breeding of fighting cocks.’
    • ‘In Thailand, a fighting cock breeder died in hospital of suspected bird flu, the first death there.’
    • ‘Even the fierce fighting cocks in Thailand are no match for predators many times their size.’
    • ‘Nearby are a small local farm and a facility for raising fighting cocks.’
    • ‘It is a common sight in Bali to see a group of men sitting around fondling and exercising their fighting cocks.’
    • ‘What's going to happen to the professional fighting cock trainers?’
    • ‘For diversion, he raises fighting cocks and feeds some of the feral dogs.’
    • ‘The area was also a hotbed for people raising fighting cocks, so the noise was unbelievable.’
    • ‘An 18 year old man in Thailand, who had close contact with infected fighting cocks, died in September.’
    • ‘He struck up a curious friendship with Castro, who would send him gifts of cigars, fighting cocks and Cuban-produced yogurt.’