Meaning of fighting fund in English:

fighting fund


  • Money raised to finance a campaign, especially one supporting a political or social cause.

    ‘the action group launched a fighting fund to pay legal costs if defeated’
    • ‘Campaigners against an incinerator in East Hull have started a fighting fund to raise money for a barrister to fight their corner at a public inquiry.’
    • ‘Unions at the school have raised a fighting fund to support a colleague who claims she was dismissed for complaining about stress to her bosses.’
    • ‘Obviously when we sort the money from the fighting fund out, as much as possible will go to Mrs Griffith and Mrs Waller.’
    • ‘Altogether around 200 responded and he raised a fighting fund of 80,000.’
    • ‘Campaigners are distributing 20,000 postcards in a drive to raise a fighting fund of £50,000.’
    • ‘The pool has been shut because of a faulty filter and now the association has launched a fighting fund in a bid to raise £110,000 ‘very quickly.’’
    • ‘The fighting fund currently stands at £80,000 but many pledges of support for the sponsor-a-seat campaign have yet to be counted.’
    • ‘Our case has been given nationwide publicity and we raised £20,000 for a fighting fund.’
    • ‘We have already launched a fighting fund, as obtaining the services of a barrister to fight our corner at a full public inquiry will not be cheap.’
    • ‘Already the protesters have had to call on every family in the area to donate £10 after managing to raise just £200 towards a fighting fund.’
    • ‘Party insiders estimate a fighting fund of at least £500,000 is needed to seize power at Holyrood.’
    • ‘Parents fighting to retain a school in the north Pembrokeshire village of Hermon have launched a new fighting fund.’
    • ‘But he confirmed that all money paid to him potentially ends up in his fighting fund.’
    • ‘After the speech, Mr Galloway appealed for donations to his legal fighting fund against the Daily Telegraph and the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor newspaper, which made similar allegations.’
    • ‘I am sure he was motivated by the very best intentions when he raised 80,000 from 200 victims for a fighting fund to buy insurance against the nasty consequences of a court defeat.’
    • ‘Since the protest by Lee residents, local councils and politicians was launched almost a year ago to the day money and time has been poured into the fighting fund in a bid to defeat the government's proposals for the former military airbase.’
    • ‘It had collected £1,065 in a fighting fund to mount a legal challenge in the High Court against the council's decision.’
    • ‘A fighting fund has now been set up to make sure money is available for any future legal battles.’
    • ‘Supporters were collecting cash to put in the hunting fighting fund pot.’
    • ‘On 29 August a fighting fund was launched and a pamphlet organised for publicity to include the names of consenting committee members.’