Meaning of figure of eight in English:

figure of eight



(North American figure eight)
  • An object or movement having the shape of the number eight.

    ‘the humpback whale described a figure of eight around a shoal of fish’
    • ‘a figure-of-eight knot’
    • ‘The cord symbolises the love and friendship, that binds the couple, the figure eight shape represents the infinite nature of matrimony.’
    • ‘Birthdays and namedays call for a saffron-scented bread made of yeast dough with dried fruits into the shape of a figure eight and decorated with flowers.’
    • ‘The tip of her finger glowed, and she traced a shape in the air - a figure eight with a vertical line running down its middle.’
    • ‘Ferguson was willing to swallow the bitterest pill after sustaining an injury that required two wires to be inserted at each end of the knee to form a figure eight through it.’
    • ‘Whip the egg whites until very stiff and fold into the mixture with a metal spoon, using a figure of eight movement.’
    • ‘Infinity whose symbol, a sideways figure eight is adapted into the dancers' movements, is used because nature is always there, permanently, whether it is as peaceful as a flower or as devastating as a tsunami.’
    • ‘This will consist of a sprint like format with all drivers required to complete a circuit followed by a figure of eight round the extended drifting oval.’
    • ‘Note that the asymmetric figure eight and the circle in which it is enclosed are both part of the curve!’
    • ‘To help shopping-laden visitors, the new route will run in a continuous figure of eight from the station, around less visited parts of the town, into the town centre and back.’
    • ‘When the zip of light is zipping backwards and forwards really quickly start imagining the light making a figure eight inside your brain - the center of the figure eight being in the center of the brain.’
    • ‘Something as simple as a lazy figure eight from the ground crew when I exited the plane, or from the pilots as they headed aft to the main-entrance hatch, could have alerted the entire crew as to what was going on.’
    • ‘The pair walked for miles and miles until finally they spotted two small holes in the sand resembling a figure eight.’
    • ‘For example she made me swing my arms around in a figure of eight to make my voice come alive.’
    • ‘It took four years and over £1m to build the Midland, its six storeys arranged in a figure of eight around two wells, allowing as much natural light to the interior as possible.’
    • ‘I walked him round in a figure of eight and returned.’
    • ‘A classically trained ballet and jazz dancer, she shows us how to undulate our bodies and trace a figure of eight with our hips.’
    • ‘The path around the park is a figure of eight and it is a wonderful place to be during early mornings or evenings.’
    • ‘We cover reverse, parallel park, hill start, and do a figure eight to get used to steering.’
    • ‘Yes that's what you've got it's twisted into a figure eight and folded in the pack.’
    • ‘This would turn our curving one-way traverse into a giant figure eight.’