Meaning of figure out in English:

figure out

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phrasal verb

  • 1also figure something out, figure out somethingSolve a problem or discover the answer to a question.

    ‘he was trying to figure out why the camera wasn't working’
    • ‘the key is to figure out how to raise productivity and skills’
    • ‘we can't figure out exactly what this agreement is’
    • ‘if we could just figure out a way to get energy out of the stuff, we'd be set for life’
    • ‘And we will have figured it out for no other reason than to know.’
    • ‘Most jurors like to believe that they can really figure this whole puzzle out a little better than the lawyers can.’
    • ‘Finally, I would say, please understand that I am still figuring this thing out, just like everybody else.’
    • ‘Jade looked up to her mommy with a warm smile her small eyes with one of those curious looks they got when she had either solved a problem or had figured something out.’
    • ‘First the basic framework needs to be worked out then the name can be figured out, after all what is a name without something to go with it?’
    • ‘Now, assuming I can still sleep because I'm thinking about that, when I wake up it will be figured out.’
    • ‘It's a personality quirk, I know, but I enjoy taking something and making it whole and figuring things out.’
    • ‘As soon as you start pursuing the process of figuring each problem out, and connecting it with other problems, you have started down the road to leftism.’
    • ‘I have done all this for her, yes, but mostly for me, because by writing about how hard a time I've had figuring this whole thing out I've found a bigger piece of who I am, and I like that piece.’
    • ‘I recently saw this book again at the bookstore, and memories of the event came rushing back to me, even though right now I have absolutely no idea what the book is about or the significance of figuring it out.’
    work out, make out, fathom, reason, puzzle out, decipher, solve, ascertain, make sense of, think out, think through, get to the bottom of, find an answer to, find an solution to, unravel, untangle
    1. 1.1figure someone out, figure out someoneReach an understanding of a person's actions, motives, or personality.
      ‘I've never been able to figure him out’
      • ‘When she figures him out, she will understand herself.’
      • ‘I imagine that strangers have even a harder time figuring him out.’
      • ‘But, if you think I am for such an agreement, you haven't figured me out yet.’
      • ‘‘I really can't figure you out,’ I say to him on one of my rare visits back into that dark office.’
      • ‘Basically, they're trying to figure you out and see if you run like prey or stand your ground.’
      • ‘But if someone's trying to figure you out, that is hard.’
      • ‘I've spent a lot of time over the past few months trying to figure you out.’
      • ‘We told her that she might not want to talk to us because she might go crazy trying to figure us out.’
      • ‘It seems we need to figure someone out before we strike up a conversation.’
      • ‘As for the other guy - you'll figure him out soon enough.’
      find out, discover, come to know, get to know, work out, make out, fathom, fathom out, become aware of, learn, ferret out, dig out, dig up, establish, fix, determine, settle, decide, verify, make certain of, confirm, deduce, divine, intuit, diagnose, discern, perceive, see, realize, appreciate, identify, pin down, recognize, register, understand, grasp, take in, comprehend