Meaning of figure skater in English:

figure skater

Pronunciation /ˈfɪɡə ˌskeɪtə/


See figure skating

‘Nobody else in my family is a figure skater but I have two other cousins who play hockey.’
  • ‘I gave the news to my parents about my desire to become a figure skater right away.’
  • ‘However, if the same thing happens to an inline figure skater, she/he will most likely fall flat on their face - very quickly.’
  • ‘His daughter didn't even start out to be a figure skater.’
  • ‘I said, ‘That's like telling a figure skater you can skate but we don't want you doing any jumps.’’
  • ‘As millions watch, the figure skater misses the triple jump she had landed perfectly in practice just moments before.’
  • ‘For the aspiring figure skater, the Carolyn Fedy Skating Centre is the perfect place to hone your skill.’
  • ‘I'm no figure skater, but I know she shouldn't be skating that fast.’
  • ‘With so many eyes focused on her figure, the 95-pound champion (whose inspiration was figure skater Dorothy Hamill) puts in some serious workout time in the gym 3 days a week.’
  • ‘And we'll meet the man generally known as the Father of Olympics Winter Sports in Australia, a former ice-hockey player who married a figure skater, and who wants to revive the social and sporting romance of the ice-rink.’
  • ‘He grew up with a number of interests that have carried over into his adult life, including: being an avid gymnast and figure skater, film, music, theater, fitness, and being extremely politically active.’
  • ‘Her family was anything but cordial to her; the constant fighting between her and her parents, and the rift that her brother's fame as a figure skater caused between them had given her a skewed view on how families relate.’
  • ‘‘His mother is a figure skater,’ Vicki said, ‘and Joel joined some skating competitions when he was younger.’’
  • ‘The admitted class also includes published writers, an Olympic figure skater, an improvisational comedienne and a tight rope unicyclist.’
  • ‘You don't have to be an award-winning figure skater.’
  • ‘I was a monster compared to the girl figure skater.’
  • ‘A world champion figure skater says she's ready to get back to work following a face-first fall into the ice during a televised competition.’
  • ‘Being a figure skater doesn't happen overnight.’
  • ‘A figure skater pulls her arms in and she starts to spin.’
  • ‘She paved the way for other women, like her younger sister, and this Civil War surgeon, and this physicist, and this figure skater.’