Meaning of FIL in English:



  • A person's father-in-law.

    • ‘my in-laws helped tremendously—my MIL prepared food and my FIL helped move boxes and furniture’
    • ‘I hope we can reschedule my FIL's long-awaited trip to see us.’
    • ‘On my last trip to my in-laws' place, my FIL actually told me that I was disrespecting him by not wearing a bindi!’
    • ‘D wanted to sleep in today, and since there will only be us and my FIL for dinner today and I could do this menu in my sleep, I said that was fine.’
    • ‘My FIL pays $150 a month to keep more stuff in a storage unit than he can fit in his already overcrowded townhouse.’
    • ‘My divorced parents lived 1700 miles away, my FIL lives 3000 miles away, and my MIL lives 100 miles away.’
    • ‘I'm sure your FIL was trying to be helpful.’


1960s abbreviation.