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mass noun
  • The practice of making computer files available to other users of a network, in particular the illicit sharing of music and video via the internet.

    ‘tough deterrence schemes will need to be implemented to ensure that higher broadband speeds do not lead to a colossal increase in illegal file-sharing’
    • ‘a file-sharing application’
    • ‘The bulk of discussion around digital music has centered on MP3 file-sharing.’
    • ‘At present, record labels increasingly compete with free file-sharing systems for consumers.’
    • ‘The industry is in a sales "slump," for which online filesharing has taken the blame.’
    • ‘Even within the realm of file-sharing, significant differences exist between software applications.’
    • ‘What Ian failed to mention in either piece, however, was that her success wasn't due solely to the power of file sharing.’
    • ‘At the same time, executives realize that no amount of copy protection will wipe out file-sharing or CD cloning.’
    • ‘Thanks to new applications that allow greater access to data, rich media functionality, and unreserved file sharing, companies are more productive than ever.’
    • ‘With such vague, broad language, the bill endangers not just file-sharing networks but many other technologies as well.’
    • ‘I know my average of buying albums has dropped off since they began the Spanish Inquisition concerning file sharing.’
    • ‘Despite this and similar findings by other researchers, the recording industry has continued to scapegoat file sharing, even as record sales have fallen over the past year.’
    • ‘They fight file-sharing sites not because they think it is morally wrong, but because they do not want to lose control.’
    • ‘These are trying times for the sheet music business, which has been increasingly chipped away at by illegal photocopying and online file sharing.’
    • ‘One of the film's problems, and the comic book's strengths, is enormously relevant in an age of rampant online file-sharing and courtroom wars over extension of the copyright term.’
    • ‘Ten years after the launch of Napster, the first online file-sharing service, the music industry is no closer to solving the problems created by digital piracy.’
    • ‘There has been a spate of cases in the U. S. in which people who run file-sharing sites or illegally share content have been ordered to pay fines.’
    • ‘The new research could be relevant for analyzing not just social ties but also peer-to-peer file-sharing and computer networks, Dodds says.’
    • ‘Hollywood argues that filesharing will lead to a shortage of movies, because nobody will make movies they can't sell.’
    • ‘It's just that the rise in file-sharing and video is making web traffic far less significant.’
    • ‘The software can be used for a variety of tasks such as file management, file sharing and work flow.’
    • ‘In principle, file-sharing is hardly different from tape-to-tape recordings that we all made when we were kids.’