Meaning of filet mignon in English:

filet mignon

Pronunciation /ˌfiːleɪ ˈmiːnjɒ̃/

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mass noun
  • A small tender piece of beef from the end of the undercut.

    ‘In between, there's a tough but tasty cut of hanger steak, an absurdly tender filet mignon, and a classic twelve-ounce New York strip.’
    • ‘It includes sirloin, filet mignon, flavour-packed sausages, roast beef, pork and lamb.’
    • ‘I also need filet mignon, cheeseburgers, every type of ice cream and sorbet, plus fresh fruit and snacks.’
    • ‘Inside the ball we were served filet mignon and veal cutlets in the shape of the state of Texas.’
    • ‘Choice cuts of meat - filet mignon or chicken breast - are mostly lean muscle.’
    • ‘I sat in my seat without much of an appetite and ate, after I was told to, filet mignon with some Caesar salad.’
    • ‘The filet mignon was equally satisfying (it's tender, too, and looks liked a well-charred softball), and so was the tougher, more flavorful sirloin.’
    • ‘Also, have an occasional treat - subbing in, say, filet mignon for a flank steak.’
    • ‘Push pill into mouth followed by large piece of filet mignon.’
    • ‘There's nothing quite like a nice, tender filet mignon over candlelight at a nice restaurant.’
    • ‘It's a great place for people-watching and the food isn't bad either - try the lobster and crab cakes, filet mignon and spinach salad with bacon dressing.’
    • ‘Desirable items such as lamb chops and filet mignon rotate through less often than they should, or may never materialize unless you ask.’
    • ‘The filet mignon grabbed my attention right away.’
    • ‘Sure, it won't be a big dinner of filet mignon and lobster.’
    • ‘Schoolteachers at my buffet brawled for overpriced filet mignon that'd come from grass-fed Florida dairy cows.’
    • ‘That means grilled slices of filet mignon perched on a neat mass of grits, flavored with horseradish and bacon fat.’
    • ‘The result is an intense popcorn flavor, and here at Dry Creek it's used to dust and add flavor to filet mignon.’
    • ‘So why do people like filet mignon if you have to add fat to it in order to make it taste the way it does?’
    • ‘So you're always eating filet mignon and caviar?’
    • ‘I'd be more than happy to prepare filet mignon and French fries for him every night if only he would eat it.’


French, literally ‘dainty fillet’.