Meaning of filigreed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪləɡriːd/


(also filagreed)
  • Ornamented with or resembling filigree work.

    ‘white filigreed stockings’
    • ‘A story in The New York Times described Joan Hicks, 78, one of the several hundred fans on hand, trying to explain to young coeds why she was wearing old-fashioned attire, a long skirt and filigreed blouse.’
    • ‘The laws regarding dual citizenship by birth can get quite filigreed, depending on whether both parents are Americans, if they are married, and which parent is the foreign national.’
    • ‘Suddenly and unexpectedly, a shaft of sun angles towards the trees, creating a filigreed pattern and the far meadow is lit up in a narrow swathe of bright light, tinting the grass a glowing lemon-green.’
    • ‘Her feet were encased in fine black leather boots with riding heels and elegant filigreed spurs and you could have cut butter with the crease in her dark jeans.’
    • ‘He is described as ‘a master of filigreed subtlety, skilled playing of classical and modern pieces’.’
    • ‘A filigreed lamp throws wire-meshed shadows on the wooden ceiling.’
    • ‘On a gold throne is the patriarch, swathed in burgundy velvet, barnacled and filigreed with gold, wearing a multi-storey crown.’
    • ‘It has high filigreed ceilings and threadbare carpet, a winding native wood staircase, cracked stained glass.’
    • ‘First it was barely noticeable, a faint tremor of the finely filigreed second hand.’
    • ‘From the safe emerged a stunning pair of daggers with filigreed sheaths, and gold and silver coins.’
    • ‘The choreography evokes the ladies' specialties, their lethally polite rivalry, and, most important, the filigreed yet dazzling nature of Romantic-era technique.’
    • ‘The music, in an expressive orchestration for harpsichord and strings, was a filigreed structure upon which Miller's wonderfully individual dancers climbed and played.’
    • ‘At the neckline, where the collar came together, it was held together with a large filigreed brooch pin of polished silver, the deepest valleys of the engravings touched with the barest hint of red and gold.’
    • ‘Her latest seven paintings - clearly and brightly colored, their repeating geometries deconstructed and filigreed - are no exceptions to this stance.’
    • ‘The evolution of numbers as they inhabited cultures, then faded, and erupted again, diversifying in hundreds of filigreed variations, is really a history of thinking itself.’
    • ‘‘I may not see you then, actually,’ Danielle says as she reaches for a scone off the large, filigreed silver platter nearby.’
    • ‘We have scavenged the burned-out theater next door for a filigreed floor-to-ceiling round mirror and a tattered poster of Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet.’
    • ‘Here, structural efficiency has produced clear volumes and expanses of delicate filigreed shell without sacrificing functional efficiency.’
    • ‘In the scenarios of some forecasters, only the largest vendors can afford to shrink the filigreed circuit lines enough to create these systems.’
    • ‘While the common oak tree tends to have a broad frame, the pin oak has a more slender frame with a graceful, filigreed framework of branchlets.’