Meaning of fill-in in English:


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  • A person or thing acting or serving in place of another; a substitute.

    ‘she could be a competent short-term fill-in’
    • ‘a college student working as a fill-in doorman’
    • ‘CIS hockey or football would be a perfect TV fill-in during the lockout.’
    • ‘Bob Costas, our fill-in host, will host all next week.’
    • ‘What Margolis has said here is meaningless, a mere fill-in.’
    • ‘Seven years later, Cardinal Law reassigned Forry to a job as a roaming, fill-in priest to cover for priests on holiday.’
    • ‘The C-store market opens up new opportunities for grab-and-go dairy items, while continuing to serve as a fill-in grocery.’
    • ‘Then, in 1953, when a Stratford jazz band was looking for a fill-in piano player, Taylor put his hand up.’
    • ‘Our regular priest was on vacation and the fill-in had the voice of droning bees.’
    • ‘Later, Burke recommended my name to Time-Life as a fill-in and eventually, I began doing assignments for Life on a regular basis.’
    • ‘Mr Hartley has since found fill-in work elsewhere but said he feared his marital status could be a problem in the future.’