Meaning of fill one's boots in English:

fill one's boots


informal British
  • Have or do as much of something as one wants.

    • ‘most bars will be serving free food, so fill your boots’
    • ‘While nearly 20 minutes of the second half passed without a Carlow score, Limerick filled their boots in the meantime and considered the journey home.’
    • ‘And from that moment it has filled its boots with business.’
    • ‘Wall-to-wall football might be hard for the weary professional players but the football fan can fill his boots.’
    • ‘If you can find a high-yielding share where the company is also profitably riding a high-growth market, it's time to re-mortgage the house and fill your boots.’
    • ‘So if it happens again, don't delay your purchase wondering if your order will be honoured - fill your boots.’