Meaning of fill someone's shoes in English:

fill someone's shoes


(also fill someone's boots)
  • Take over someone's function or duties and fulfil them satisfactorily.

    • ‘Laura, literally, fills Kim's shoes for two days with the help of a ‘fat suit’ and makeup.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, anyone filling your shoes will find it a hard act to follow.’
    • ‘I decided to move on, and I'm sure there are plenty of good, young guys capable of filling my shoes.’
    • ‘When I thought I would be filling his shoes, I just thought I would take over his band at some point, because I was assistant bandleader.’
    • ‘He would not be happy at Winston Peters filling his shoes.’
    • ‘There are a couple kids who can fill their shoes.’
    • ‘Perhaps the reason the 65% were adamant they will keep up levels of production is their hope that a daughter or son will fill their shoes when they retire.’
    • ‘It's because we've worn ourselves out trying to fill their shoes on the one hand, and on the other hand, we've grown too fat to even entertain any kind of dancing.’
    • ‘No matter how meticulous the police operations to remove dealers from the streets, a new wave will fill their shoes within weeks.’
    • ‘Anyone can become a pop idol these days, but the number of genuine legends is shrinking and it is debatable who can fill their shoes.’
    substitute, deputize, stand in, cover, provide cover, take over, act, act as deputy, act as stand-in, sit in, act as understudy, understudy, be a proxy, act as locum tenens