Meaning of film-making in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪlmˌmeɪkɪŋ/


mass noun
  • The direction or production of films for the cinema or television.

    ‘the best emerging talent in independent film-making’
    • ‘a brilliant piece of film-making’
    • ‘the film-making process’
    • ‘Independent filmmaking didn't start with the Sundance Film Festival.’
    • ‘I would say that was my biggest challenge in adapting to the Hollywood style of filmmaking.’
    • ‘One of the tragedies of documentary filmmaking is not being able to include everyone in the movie.’
    • ‘As the creative force behind our filmmaking activities, I kept striving for new sensations.’
    • ‘This shot has fascinated every living director since the dawn of filmmaking.’
    • ‘You'll find tremendous mutual support and friendship in the horror filmmaking community.’
    • ‘Also included are prints, sculpture, installation, video, filmmaking, photography, performance, and digital art.’
    • ‘These historical examples of regional filmmaking (and regional scholarship) are models for an original, valuable cinema culture.’
    • ‘She closed that chapter in her life, came to New York, studied filmmaking at NYU, and made several short films.’
    • ‘During the heyday of the counterculture in the '60s and '70s, a few brave souls crept out of formula filmmaking and found surprisingly wide audiences.’