Meaning of film archive in English:

film archive


  • A collection of films that have been preserved because of their historical or cultural interest.

    ‘the Arts Council is planning to put its film archive online’
    • ‘The government's decision to deposit official film there led to the establishment in the museum of the world's first film archive.’
    • ‘Eventually, I would love to teach film studies or do work involving film archives.’
    • ‘During the period of their production, Ireland had no central film archive.’
    • ‘Microfilm copies are located at Harvard University's film archive in Lament Library.’
    • ‘Best source for his films is a university film archive, which may show them on occasion.’
    • ‘Most film archives can't really afford to recognize the cultural history embedded in these captured everyday moments.’
    • ‘As for the film archives, those of some major studios are freely accessible, while others are not.’
    • ‘Funding for the sound and film archives assistant post has since been extended for a further 12 months.’
    • ‘The South East Film and Video Archive, like the majority of the regional film archives, houses a great deal of amateur family film footage.’
    • ‘Our work could benefit public service and commercial film archives, which are experiencing growing demand from new multimedia and broadcasting outlets.’