Meaning of film director in English:

film director


  • A person who controls the making of a film and supervises the actors and technical crew.

    ‘the Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar’
    • ‘In the early part of his career, Hitchcock was widely considered to be Britain's best film director.’
    • ‘Tallents was responsible for the engagement of the documentary film director John Grierson, initially at the Empire Marketing Board.’
    • ‘When I think of legendary film directors, I think of Welles, Hitchcock, Ford, Hawks, all directors of mighty movies.’
    • ‘Who's the most famous film director in the world?’
    • ‘Her films are pivotal to a growing association between female film directors and youth-targeted Hollywood films.’
    • ‘The big difference between film directors and TV writers comes down to the work itself.’
    • ‘Douglas's reputation as a film director rests largely on three films he made in the 1970s.’
    • ‘It was then that Andy Warhol met many of his frequent collaborators, such as art film director Paul Morrissey.’
    • ‘Before he became a film director he was a stand-up comedian and comic actor.’
    • ‘The art of the film director is often so integral to a film that it is difficult to explain or even notice.’