Meaning of film industry in English:

film industry

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nounplural noun film industries

  • The area of commercial activity concerned with the production and distribution of films.

    ‘Emma works in the film industry’
    • ‘the relationship between the US, UK, and European film industries’
    • ‘Greater economic incentives for the local film industry were provided.’
    • ‘The film industry was in need of new strategies for earning revenue.’
    • ‘She came West to pursue a career in art while working in production in the film industry.’
    • ‘Edison left the film industry in 1918, at a time when the Hollywood infrastructure was beginning to solidify.’
    • ‘We sat down and asked him a bunch of random questions about his creative career in the horror film industry.’
    • ‘Just a few years ago, economic recession virtually brought Asian film industries to their knees.’
    • ‘Unlike film industries elsewhere, Bollywood has never been funded by the state.’
    • ‘Like the music and film industries, the adult-entertainment industry has grappled with digital piracy.’
    • ‘What personal reflections can you offer regarding the current state of the feature film industry in Hong Kong?’
    • ‘There are many exhibitions, festivals, markets, and events that have been developed specifically for the film industry.’