Meaning of film library in English:

film library

nounplural noun film libraries

  • A collection of films, especially one kept for research or for borrowing or renting.

    ‘a film library of more than 5,000 titles’
    • ‘MGM has long been seeking a cable outlet for its valuable film library.’
    • ‘Studios will make pay networks out of their film libraries.’
    • ‘This will make a fine selection for any academic film library, public or private.’
    • ‘It should be a part of the film libraries of all aspiring filmmakers.’
    • ‘Even if you opt out of the set, A Clockwork Orange is an essential entry in your film library.’
    • ‘The archive and film library are ever expanding along with the collection's holdings.’
    • ‘Bergman fans will immediately recognize this definitive boxed set as an essential addition to their film libraries.’
    • ‘But the problem is that film library values are in decline because of the industry-wide slump in DVD sales.’
    • ‘The American Film Institute maintains an extensive film library and trains filmmakers at its conservatory in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘He returned to London where he worked briefly in the film library at Paramount News before joining the Royal Navy.’