Meaning of film show in English:

film show


  • An act or instance of showing a film to an audience, typically to accompany a talk or entertainment.

    ‘prior to the tour of the dam, we saw a film show of how it was built’
    • ‘Sunday School children were treated to a party with Mickey Mouse film shows.’
    • ‘The moment the film show started, there was total silence.’
    • ‘Chances are you may not be invited to this special film show.’
    • ‘There will be displays of military equipment of the time and archive film shows.’
    • ‘The orchestra gave a performance in the town hall in the evening and the activities ended with a film show.’
    • ‘We hope to have a regular monthly meeting and organise discos, fund-raising events and film shows.’
    • ‘She lived in Upton and they would go with a group of friends to travelling film shows that visited the village.’
    • ‘There will also be lectures and film shows organised in this connection.’
    • ‘War had been declared and the following Sunday I went to the Shepherd's Bush Empire to see the film show.’
    • ‘The activists have organised a series of meetings, film shows, debates and demonstrations to enable the ordinary public to express their feelings.’