Meaning of filoselle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪləsɛl/


mass noun
  • Floss silk, or silk thread resembling this, used in embroidery.

    ‘At the end of the letter, he adds: ‘The only present which I'd like you to get for me in Paris is gloves and socks of filoselle, a cloth made of silk and wool, very pleasant and warm to wear, which aren't, I think, very expensive.’’
    • ‘It was generally worked in silk, crewel or filoselle, and was used for all the ordinary canvas work such as tidies, table covers, bureau covers as well as other furniture or piano spreads.’
    • ‘While the first weaving was made with wool, silk, and gold thread, the second set was made only in wool and filoselle (a lesser grade of silk).’


Mid 16th century from French, from Italian filosello, of uncertain ultimate origin.