Meaning of filter cake in English:

filter cake


  • A deposit of insoluble material left on a filter.

    ‘Holden indicates that when the slurry remained in place for a month a thick filter cake had built up and that side resistance was significantly reduced.’
    • ‘The local authority licence allowed the disposal of household, commercial, and industrial waste, and by 1996 about 850,000 m of waste, including calcium sulphate filter cake, had been deposited on the site.’
    • ‘It provides a means for rapidly drying temperature-sensitive materials such as filter cake and granular pelletized materials.’
    • ‘The filter cake residue has been reduced from 2,700 tons to 2,300 tons per year of the total material treated.’
    • ‘In laboratory tests, however, filter cake is built under static conditions with no erosion.’
    • ‘One important phenomenon concerning the formation of the filter cake on jet-pulsed filters is imperfect cake removal.’