Meaning of filter cigarette in English:

filter cigarette


(also filtered cigarette)
  • A type of cigarette with an absorbent section at the end that removes impurities from the inhaled smoke.

    ‘a standard pack of filter cigarettes’
    • ‘Flies buzz nearby while filter cigarette butts litter the ground.’
    • ‘He spoke mockingly, drawing hard on a white filtered cigarette.’
    • ‘Taking a deep draw on a filtered cigarette, she exhales and proceeds to vent her spleen about the woman she believes is sounding the death knell for community life.’
    • ‘Smokers of modern low-tar filtered cigarettes tend to compensate by increasing the number and depth of puffs.’
    • ‘Sitting next to him was an unkempt, overweight guy smoking a filter cigarette.’
    • ‘He pulled a pack out of his denim jacket and jerked it, causing exactly one filtered cigarette to stick out.’
    • ‘He sat in his office, his massive hand shaking, holding a filter cigarette.’
    • ‘She puffed on a filter cigarette in an agitated manner.’
    • ‘In the photo, a young man smokes his first American-style filter cigarette.’
    • ‘He is asked if he knows whether he smokes only filter cigarettes.’