Meaning of filter coffee in English:

filter coffee

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(also filtered coffee)
mass noun
  • Coffee made by allowing water to pass through a paper or mesh filter containing ground coffee.

    ‘a very nice cup of filter coffee’
    • ‘The peerless filter coffee has history and tradition linked inexorably to its flavour.’
    • ‘I sip my second cup of filter coffee, my limit for the day.’
    • ‘It is not just the plain old filter coffee that most of us are used to at homes and restaurants.’
    • ‘It is a hot spot for teens to socialise, with a bite of hot samosas or a cup of filter coffee.’
    • ‘I lingered over a cup of fragrant filter coffee served with a little jug of hot milk.’
    • ‘She found the food fresh and tasty, but was less complimentary about my filter coffee, saying it was too strong.’
    • ‘The aroma of fresh filter coffee is probably the best remedy to a tiring day.’
    • ‘I am sitting comfortably at my desk drinking filter coffee and smoking a cig: what bliss!’
    • ‘We are introducing a new approach to our catering which will see filter coffee introduced on sleek trolleys with a new range of food and drinks from a range of local suppliers.’
    • ‘Most coffee that you buy from cafes or restaurants is filter coffee.’