Meaning of filter pump in English:

filter pump


  • A pump used to purify water in a pool, pond, or tank.

    ‘the pool comes with a filter pump’
    • ‘It's important to make sure the filter pump and heater you do have are the right size for the job.’
    • ‘I have a 150-gallon tank with filter pumps.’
    • ‘Throw in a fence, a heater, a motorized cover, and a filter pump that runs 24/7, and I've spent tens of thousands of dollars to surround myself with water.’
    • ‘Their natural affinity for electricity can lead ants straight to your pool's filter pump.’
    • ‘The concrete floor of the grow houses tickles the feet with the constant vibrato of the filter pumps running around the clock.’
    • ‘The filter pump will route the water to the pipeline on top of the panel.’
    • ‘It is not true that running a filter pump will keep mosquitos from breeding in these pools.’
    • ‘The filter pump needs to deliver the necessary flow rate through the filter.’
    • ‘Filter pumps are an important part of any pool installation.’
    • ‘The bottom of a small pool can be cleaned by sweeping any sediment down to the bottom outlet where the filter pump will draw it away.’