Meaning of filthily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪlθɪli/


See filthy

‘Do you all talk that filthily at your company?’
  • ‘He ends up with some of his fellow trainees, secretly filmed, being filthily racist in their language, their fantasies and their behaviour.’
  • ‘Don't sulk and get in a filthily bad temper unless you've got an audience to notice this change in mood, and at least one person who will bravely ask you what's wrong.’
  • ‘Jimmy swore filthily and grabbed Timmy's arm as if to protect him; Dan and Kenneth exchanged worried glances, fearing it was over for them.’
  • ‘In what other sport but cricket could you get 26,000 people splashing around in the puddles of a filthily overcast ground, waiting in vain for a game that might never resume?’