Meaning of final approach in English:

final approach


  • The part of an aircraft's flight in which it descends directly towards a runway for landing.

    ‘his international flight is on final approach into Detroit’
    • ‘Don't make that turn to final approach too steep or you might lose the airflow over the high wing.’
    • ‘Using a sophisticated new computer system, Ellis could nearly instantly approve a flight path and coordinate with the tower controllers responsible for the plane's final approach.’
    • ‘The final approach was executed at a much higher speed than normal.’
    • ‘I'm sure it was a sight to see this lumbering, huge airplane banking to final approach at 400 feet above the ground.’
    • ‘I sit at my desk now, looking out at puffy clouds being dodged by the planes swinging around on final approach to Heathrow.’
    • ‘The plane continued to circle up to the northeast and then banked back to the south to make its final approach.’
    • ‘The airplane was observed on a three-mile final approach when it entered a left bank.’
    • ‘I turned as the aircraft passed me, heading in the opposite direction on its final approach.’
    • ‘Your airplane ought to be configured to land with a steady sink rate at something near your final approach speed.’
    • ‘If that storm hit the aircraft when it was on final approach, there is a likelihood the pilots would not have had time to recover.’