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  • The last part of a piece of music, an entertainment, or a public event, especially when particularly dramatic or exciting.

    ‘the finale of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony’
    • ‘a fireworks finale’
    • ‘the festival ends with a grand finale’
    • ‘In a series that's known for it's exciting and dramatic season finales, this one is only middling, but it's still very very good.’
    • ‘The event will have a musical finale with a performance from singer Irene Perveen.’
    • ‘The Festival will end with a rousing finale on Saturday with music from the New Riverside Jazz Band.’
    • ‘Roy's performances, especially the finales, were not for the faint-hearted but the rest of us found them frankly exhilarating, and so did our audiences.’
    • ‘As for drummer Fredrik Sandsten, suffice it to say he took the Moon references to another level with a much bigger kit, flying around the tom-toms and engaging in fierce double-bass song finales.’
    • ‘Her histrionics, brilliant timing and musical leadership - especially in the finales - capture the audience's rapt attention.’
    • ‘It was a dramatic finale and set the tone for another truly memorable fortnight of sporting action.’
    • ‘We have included some photos of the models participating in the competition and rely on your support as well as media coverage to the run-up of the event as well as seeing you at the grand finales on 31 August 2001.’
    • ‘However, the inevitable parental reconciliation at the finale is a piece of moralising too far.’
    • ‘His discomfiture was to prove the difference between the sides when the dramatic finale was played out.’
    • ‘But their rivalry is too much for them and the tension rises into a dramatic finale.’
    • ‘That set the teams up for the dramatic finale with only a single point separating them.’
    • ‘The two finales commence in a very assertive mood, always generating that kind of exciting energy which finally leads to a rousing and brilliant conclusion.’
    • ‘There's something of an acid wit to these finales.’
    • ‘The concluding second movement maintains Stock's penchant for slow, deeply melancholy finales.’
    • ‘All of the finales skip along with the kind of sparkling momentum which makes foot-tapping so hard to resist.’
    • ‘For example, both finales use a slow introduction to usher in the faster movement proper.’
    • ‘The stage is awash with sparkling color as performers gather for the grand finale.’
    • ‘The day's activities will culminate as usual with a fireworks finale at dusk.’
    • ‘It has tutus and classroom steps, and it made a bright finale for the evening.’
    climax, culmination
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/fɪˈnɑːleɪ/ /fɪˈnɑːli/


Mid 18th century from Italian, from Latin finalis (see final).