Meaning of finance bill in English:

finance bill


  • A legislative bill proposing changes to taxes, duties, etc.

    ‘this year's finance bill introduced new certification requirements for hotels’
    • ‘The opposition blocked the government's finance bills, thereby plunging the government into chaos.’
    • ‘Mortgage brokers have called for a clause to be put into this year's finance bill that would ensure that tax thresholds would automatically change each year in line with house prices.’
    • ‘A measure included in the Finance Bill published last week means the 20 per cent rate will now remain indefinitely.’
    • ‘The taxation committee chair said it is not too late for the government to change the Finance Bill to take account of the serious concerns of farmers.’
    • ‘A spokesperson will today propose an amendment to the Government's Finance Bill as it reaches committee stage.’
    • ‘The change will only take effect when the Finance Bill is published in the new year.’
    • ‘Until the Finance Bill is published, it won't be clear how much reporting requirements will raise a substitute barrier.’
    • ‘Notable events of the previous month include the publication of the finance bill and the ending of some tax incentive schemes.’
    • ‘A feature of finance bills in recent years has been the inclusion of eye-catching measures which had not been included in the Budget.’
    • ‘The former children's minister is planning to put forward amendments to the finance bill introducing a tax break for married couples.’