Meaning of finance director in English:

finance director


  • A person who is in charge of a company's monetary resources.

    ‘the company has just appointed a new finance director’
    • ‘The threat of litigation sets pulses racing among hospital finance directors.’
    • ‘Many finance directors at the company are promoted from within.’
    • ‘She was promoted from international finance director to CFO of the multimedia marketing solutions firm.’
    • ‘After just two months in the job, the departure of the finance director sent shareholders fleeing.’
    • ‘It's never a good sign when a finance director leaves suddenly, just weeks before delivering results.’
    • ‘You will not need a full-time finance director but do not think a bookkeeper will suffice.’
    • ‘He was sacked officially for his management style as the trust's finance director but he claimed unfair dismissal.’
    • ‘He was appointed finance director in 1983 after the brewery's takeover.’
    • ‘Finance directors were able to build a consensus forecast.’
    • ‘A call to the finance director would give you all the figures you needed.’