Meaning of financial adviser in English:

financial adviser

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  • A person whose job is to provide financial advice to clients.

    ‘just about all financial advisers will recommend that you invest your money in some sort of stock market-linked product’
    • ‘Complete tax advantages are best explained by a CPA or financial advisor.’
    • ‘An eight-hour version of the course is now required of all of its new financial advisers, who help clients with money management.’
    • ‘A good broker should be an overall financial advisor for your end of the transaction.’
    • ‘Drago suggests retaining a good financial adviser to help you set realistic expansion goals for your new business.’
    • ‘Financial advisers worth their salt will customize a plan to suit the individual customer.’
    • ‘Financial advisors suggest diversifying your portfolio to protect against variability.’
    • ‘I read all the documents I get from my funds and I meet with my financial advisor every two months.’
    • ‘Zeigler didn't recognize the opportunity until he hired a financial adviser to help him evaluate his options.’
    • ‘When I started working with a financial advisor, I filled out a Monthly Family Expense Budget.’
    • ‘A financial advisor told them that in order to pay off their debt faster, they should pay more than the minimum due on their monthly bills.’