Meaning of financial analyst in English:

financial analyst


  • A person whose job is to assess the financial condition of a business or asset to determine whether it is a sound investment.

    ‘most of the financial analysts agree there are other reasons for this merger’
    • ‘Only five or six years ago, financial analysts were proclaiming that the company was a cheat.’
    • ‘The business manager and his financial analyst for the imprint always attended these reprint meetings.’
    • ‘Institutional investors and financial analysts are also quite happy with the current system because they think that they've got inside networks and proprietary information.’
    • ‘For public companies, value is determined by financial analysts, institutional investors and others.’
    • ‘You have to have a good financial analyst, and the speed to be able to create a brand.’
    • ‘I don't think the financial analysts would like it if we took 14% of our top line away.’
    • ‘As a personal financial analyst with a major banking firm headquarted in New York, I am extremely pleased to see the helpful financial advice given.’
    • ‘Chartered financial analysts (CFA) are required to pass three examinations, proving they know sound investment-management techniques.’
    • ‘The chairman's statement is slanted towards the needs of public relations or to impress financial analysts.’
    • ‘The other major category of brand valuation methods, and the one that tends to be favored by financial analysts despite its gaping flaws, is indirect valuation.’
    • ‘When users (management, stockholders, creditors, financial analysts, taxing authorities and others) want to analyze financial reports they have three primary tasks to perform.’