Meaning of financial backer in English:

financial backer


  • A person or institution that provides monetary support for someone or something.

    ‘the financial backers of the venture’
    • ‘The museum's main financial backers must be dependable.’
    • ‘The project has been in development for 18 months, providing plenty of time for cold feet from financial backers.’
    • ‘The film industry is rife with tales of financial backers, not the director, having final say about what appears on screen.’
    • ‘He called his financial backers to let them know that the company now faced a serious competitive threat.’
    • ‘When the cell technologist founded the company in 1999, her friends and family served as her primary financial backers.’
    • ‘Start-ups are being bullied by their financial backers into early mergers and buy-outs.’
    • ‘In the wake of failing dot-coms, the availability of financial backers for such ventures has declined.’
    • ‘The major financial backers of the foundation are making it possible to fill any critical hole we have in the development team with full-time dedicated help.’
    • ‘None of the financial backers would meet with them and they seemed to be running out of ideas.’
    • ‘The officials were under obligation to financial backers who helped them obtain their auctioned offices and supplied goods to them.’