Meaning of financial planner in English:

financial planner

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  • A person whose job is to manage the personal finances of clients.

    ‘he hired a financial planner to make sure he was doing everything required to retire comfortably and meet his family's financial needs’
    • ‘Financial planners have been forever telling us that international diversification is good.’
    • ‘Speakers include local bankers, insurance agents, realtors and financial planners.’
    • ‘Nowadays it's easy to find financial planners who can steer you around companies that sell tobacco or run gambling facilities.’
    • ‘Either way, to set up a 401(k) plan, or some other tax-deferred retirement plan, you need to speak with a financial planner or your accountant.’
    • ‘According to Ballentine, a certified financial planner, asset diversification makes sense in every type of economic climate.’
    • ‘Tony, a financial planner who advises the couple, has been helping them establish their foundation.’
    • ‘Let's say you do have $5 million, and you and your financial planner decide that a professional money manager is the way to go.’
    • ‘As you engage in your tax planning, whether you're a professional or an entrepreneur, seek out advice from top-flight accountants, tax attorneys, and financial planners.’
    • ‘The financial planner helped Smith map out a plan enabling him to retire from his post as director of marketing at age 48.’
    • ‘Financial planners advise that those considering large purchases such as buying a home get a grip on their debt first.’