Meaning of financial services in English:

financial services

plural noun

  • Professional services involving the investment, lending, and management of money and assets.

    ‘the firm provides a range of financial services, including tax preparation, insurance coverage, and investment portfolios’
    • ‘the financial services sector’
    • ‘For the first time, thousands of these rural African residents have access to financial services.’
    • ‘Among the offerings are professional liability, general liability, vision and dental coverages, as well as an array of other financial services.’
    • ‘These lending associations provide loans and financial services to agricultural producers, agribusinesses, country homeowners and other rural landowners.’
    • ‘Dramatic increases in farm sizes creates new demands for supplies, financial services, land and labor.’
    • ‘Their financial services include taking deposits, making loans, providing insurance and transferring funds.’
    • ‘It is primarily office space for financial services companies.’
    • ‘By the late 1990s Scottish Provident had become one of Edinburgh's key financial services employers, with over 900 people based in the capital.’
    • ‘Those selling consulting or financial services were more likely to adopt e-commerce as opposed to those selling equipment.’
    • ‘Banks and financial services have been one of the most proactive industry sectors in using computers and new technologies for training and employee development.’
    • ‘In recent years, the provision of banking and financial services to personal and business customers has become an increasingly competitive business.’