Meaning of find (or lose) one's tongue in English:

find (or lose) one's tongue


  • Be able (or unable) to express oneself after a shock.

    ‘she found her tongue and shakily voiced her only fear’
    ‘lost your tongue?’
    • ‘He was able to find his tongue again and struggle out a simple thank you to the elderly woman.’
    • ‘I think it's time I proved to myself and to those around me that I haven't lost my tongue just yet.’
    • ‘After a moment's pause, Louise found her tongue.’
    • ‘I quickly found my tongue and responded indignantly.’
    • ‘Morgan finally found his tongue, and called out after her.’
    • ‘Carson stood stuttering for a moment, and then suddenly found his tongue.’
    • ‘By the time she finally found her tongue, he had dragged her half the length of the alley.’
    • ‘Rena slowly enters the elevator, and when the doors close behind her she finds her tongue.’
    • ‘Only after he escorted her onto the dance floor did she find her tongue.’
    • ‘The allegation stunned us all but Hayley managed to find her tongue before Terry and me.’