Meaning of find fault in English:

find fault


  • Make an adverse criticism or objection, sometimes unfairly.

    ‘he finds fault with everything I do’
    • ‘It is all too easy to criticise or find fault in what others do.’
    • ‘Certainly envy seeks to spoil it by finding fault and criticising every blemish.’
    • ‘Its hard for a critic not to find fault, kind of removes the point really.’
    • ‘Elders often found fault with young people for watching objectionable movies or reading pornographic books.’
    • ‘He often complained that she never left him alone and found fault with everything he did.’
    • ‘Nobody can find fault with those who want to protest in public.’
    • ‘I've no doubt some will, but losers always find fault in every thing and whinge and bawl on almost every thing.’
    • ‘He was never satisfied and found fault with everything.’
    • ‘Anyone who found fault with his behaviour or values was ‘middle-class’ or ‘common’.’
    • ‘She even found fault with the way he performed household chores.’
    fault, find lacking